Pallet Gate

Pallet Gate

EnduRail Pallet gate allow safe working for employees on a mezzanine or raised working surface.

Pallet Gates can provide permanent protection for any openings where material/pallet access is required. The gates are specifically designed to provide a “retro‐fit” solution to existing guardrails where opening protection is required. The gates are designed to fit seamlessly with EnduRail modular
guardrail or existing guardrail and ensure there is continuous protection in place while goods are being moved either up to or down from the mezzanine.

Endurail structural aluminum fittings


Endurail structural aluminum
  • Compliant with EN 14122‐3: 2016 and OSHA requirements for assured safe operation
  • Built using EnduRail structural pipe fittings for quality assurance
  • Products consist of high quality tubing and cast clamps that seamlessly compliment the Company’s safety portfolio
  • No welded parts so any damage can be easily repaired, keeping the gate operational
  • All aluminum structure for corrosion resistance to allow continuous operation even in corrosive environments
  • Balanced for ease of operation and minimal number of moving parts for lower maintenance
  • Will be supplied part assembled to facilitate on site installation
  • Standard Pallet Gate range has been designed to be fully adjustable in width and can accommodate openings and height up to 1.5m .
  • Different configurations available to suit the type of operation required.