Crossover Platforms

Cross Over Platforms

Cross Over Platform

Utilising EnduRail aluminium tubular Structural fittings, Cross over platforms have been designed and built which are flexible, durable and importantly robust, allowing customers the opportunity to eliminate the limitations of fabricated, off-the-shelf platforms.

  • Multi-purpose Modular platforms designed to customer requirements
  • Constructed from light weight aluminium EnduRail Structural fittings & Aluminum tubes & structure with strong steel base frame
  • Compliant with Recognized  OSHA , EN & BS standards
  • Minimal on-site disruption , Variable heights  & Variable lengths
  • Excellent Strength and Corrosion resistance
  • Designed up to working platform height up to 2.5 m but we can exceed this with the addition of extra support arms to stop the structure from becoming unstable when in use.
  • Safety assured when used correctly