Cabline Horizontal Life Line

Cabline Horizontal Life Line

Cableline Horizontal Life Line

Current Workplace Safety and Health (Work at Heights) Regulation requires that any person working at height should be properly protected against the risk of falling.

This is especially important for people required to work on roofs for maintenance, inspection and construction tasks, as they can be exposed to significant risks.

Cableline range of Horizontal Lifeline Systems is the perfect answer to providing fall arrest / restraint protection where guardrail is not suitable or where design dictates the need for a virtually invisible solution.


  • Simple, maintenance free and cost effective cable type fall arrest system suitable for multiple users to be hood on the system.
  • Utilises marine grade 316 stainless steel 8mm diameter wire rope running through intermediate anchors spaced at distance up to 10m apart.
  • Corrosion resistance components and has no mechanical / moving parts that require no maintenance under all weather conditions and reduce the potential for misuse of the system. “Pass through” system provides users continuous hands free access when working at height with total fall protection through continuous attachment whilst travelling along the system.
  • Unique Traveller8 glides through the stainless steel wire rope and intermediate anchors seamlessly without the need to detach and connect to the system again when passing through intermediate anchors.
  • Progressive energy shock absorbing system incorporating an efficient in-line shock absorber together with deformable roof anchors.
  • Unlike other systems, there is no need for expensive `fall-over` posts at every anchor point. Designed with comprehensive range of fixing options for all roof types and can accommodate corners and varying building roof shapes.
  • Designed and tested in accordance to BS EN 795 Class C.